When we need to go above extrusion method limitation, Bonded fin / Folded Fin / Skived fin can offer all the benefit of heat transfer.
Bonded fin heatsink can dissipate 2-3 times the heat load as an extruded heatisnk of the same volume.

It is stamped or pre fabricated fin that is bonded into a channel located on a heatsink base using thermally conductive epoxy, solder or braze.

We can mix the material with copper and aluminum to maximize the performance and control the weight and cost since copper is much heavier and cost more than aluminum.
Folded fin is affixed to the base by thermally conductive epoxy, brazing or welding.

Folded fin heatsink can reduce fin gaps and allow more fins to increase the surface area to cool more efficiently and higher aspect ratio thus lower thermal resistance.

It minimizes the base thickness as well. Folded fin heatisnk can be used both in natural and forced convection applications. It is light weight cooling device and less cost.
Skived fin technologyis one of the best way to enhance thermal conductivity between heatisnk base to fins because both are from same material and it¡¯s not required any thermal conductive material between them.

Skived fin heatisink brings great heat dissipation and is a best solution to be safe operation temperature of PC¡¯s, laptop, server, power supply, etc.